How to Apply for a Canadian Visa in Self-Employed Business Immigration Category

Are you a self-employed professional? Are you thinking about migrating to a developed country? Then, Canada can become your new country. However, to become eligible in this category, you must follow the regulations placed by the country. Remember, if you fail to meet even a single regulation, then your application will be promptly rejected by the Canadian government. Thus, the best solution is to seek help from an experienced immigration lawyer Toronto. He can make you understand all the nooks and corners of the legal issues and help you to file the application procedure properly.

Below is some information which will help you to determine whether you can apply for the immigration under this policy.

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What Are The Criteria?

  • You should have at least five years of relevant experience to apply under this policy. The government of Canada has made it clear that the applicants must work in the relevant field for the immediate five years before filling the application.
  • To apply for the policy, you must have been self-employed in the field of athletics or cultural activities. It is even better if you have participated in world class level competition in the field of athletics or cultural activities. Farm management was also considered to be as self-employment. However, from 10 March 2018, the Canadian Government is not accepting new applications under farm management for this program. To know more about such changes it is best for you to get in touch with a Winnipeg¬†immigration lawyer.

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What Is the Desired Ability of the Candidates?

The candidates must know how to establish a successful business in Canada so that they can create an employment opportunity for themselves. In this way, they can make a remarkable contribution to the sports and cultural activities of Canada.

Other Assessment Factors

There are five other assessment points through which you will be judged by the government of Canada. The points are as follows.

  • Age
  • Education
  • Official Language
  • Experience
  • Adaptability

Your fitness to all these factors will be given some marks. If your total marks are less than 35, then your application might be refused. Thus, you should take advice from an immigration lawyer Toronto to know the criteria by heart and prepare well for the assessment factors.

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What Is Meant By Self Employment In This Program?

The term self-employment is a bit vague. The Canadian government explains that the persons who are practicing cultural activities or athletics as their profession are to be considered self-employed. For example, filmmakers, illustrators, music teachers, freelance journalists etc. can apply for this program. Set Designers, choreographers, music directors, impresarios and coaches can also apply for immigration under this program. According to the immigration lawyer Toronto, the financial condition of the applicant is also important. If you have a strong financial background, then chances are you will get the chance to settle in Canada. Contact a Toronto immigration lawyer for the best outcome.

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Before you fill the application form of immigration, you should think carefully about whether you really want to leave your native country. If you are sure of your decision, only then act further. To make the procedure smooth consult an experienced immigration lawyer Toronto to know whether you fulfill all the required criteria, and fill the form in.

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